Yaneiri T. Testimony

When I first heard about The River School, I thought to myself I have to go. I wanted a change and I knew this school was perfect for me. Right when I started the school from day one I noticed a change in myself. Throughout the days I was always walking in the spirit all day long. Starting my mornings with worship, prayer, and teachings definitely impacted me. I feel like I am always connected spiritually and that is how I wanted it to be. Even though I have my church that I go to three times a week and I am very involved and I was raised that way, I still felt like I was still being renewed.

Awesome feeling! I felt the knowledge and wisdom pouring into me each morning I came to school. It changed my attitude in some things and the way I thought. It was and is an eye opener each day I come. This is just the beginning and it has made such a difference in my life. I always wanted to feel the spirit of joy and when I started coming to this school I finally experienced it. It was such a blessing! I also had to go out there and preach the gospel and save some souls, something I never saw myself do. Now I love doing it. I love talking to people about the word of God and what he has done in my life and that there is a God out there whether they want to believe it or not.

This school has broken fears in me I never thought I had. I’m so blessed to be able to come to a school that helps me know God more and teaches me how I should be in order to please the all mighty God. I definitely can’t wait for what’s in store for me for the next few months in this school. God is and always will be in control in my life.

And I believe that labor is appropriately named, don’t you? Said that when a woman goes through labor it’s like taking your bottom lip and stretching it over your head (laughter from audience)

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