Tara M. and Stone M. Testimony

Tara M.

I’m telling everybody, YOU HAVE TO GET THERE!! Those 8 days were the most blessed days OF MY LIFE. Whatever you have to do get there whether its a boat, car, plane, OR CAMEL because guess what, THR CAMELS ARE COMING ANYWAY!:)

God Bless you Pastors Rodney an Adonica and the River church!:)

Stone M.

Pastor Rodney this week has been life changing. People don’t have any idea what they’re missing. I know one thing. My mom and five sisters are going to do all we can to share the fire because thank god there is an infinite amount! At the air port waiting to depart and having a big harvest of souls. It’s not about where you are or who your around or even how old you are, if your too busy for god or to embarrassed then you need to get back in the word and realize that’s the only reason were even here…it’s about the harvest of souls. Count the ‘Moss Family’ in. Praise God

I’m talking about adoption. How does that happen? It’s a fact. I was talking to a mom recently. She has one child she had physically and another child she adopted.

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