Ministers Conference 2010 – Darrain M. Testimony

My Present Perspective was  changed by this years “No Limit No Boundaries” Ministers’ Conference. I went into this conference asking the Lord to do a work in my life, shifting in me whatever needed to be changed.  The Lord clearly showed me that above all that I have done in the resent years, I really need to have my mind renewed by the word of God. In several of pastor Phil Smethers messages he challenged me to go the distant and allow God to live out his dream though my life.

Hearing the Band sing the song “No limits No Boundaries” everyday caused my heart to be enlarged. Now I believe that there is more, I’m blessed, and there is nothing that can keep me from God’s best but Myself . When Pastor Andre’ ministered he talked about the honoring of Pastor Rodney and Adonica for there Service in the Body of Christ. As he ministered I began to think about what could have happened without there service to God. What would have been the results if they had taken the call of God lightly? A Crazy thought, but something that sometimes we never think about.

These thoughts and questions led me to conclude that it is not a light thing that I am sitting under this ministry. The proof of honor for me would be to take everything very seriously. Never causing there labor for people like me and many others to be wasted through my inability to see the great price that was paid.

How? It’s a gift from God. God places it there. You see, God is the perfect parent and He loves us so much more but He compares His love to a mother’s love.

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