Margarita J. Testimony

In the call center the atmosphere was charged with The Glory of God!  I’m happy to report that I had 10 salvations and 1 Baptism in the Holy Ghost!

One of the calls that I took really stood out to me I got smacked and with a tremendous touch from heaven and all I could think at the moment is this caller must be some one so special that God was going to use in a very significant way.  The Spirit of God was so strong I had to hold back from weeping so that I could do my job any way the lady felt God’s touch upon her and she was receiving.

The tangible presence of God has become a part of my life and now every week that I serve in the call center I’m seeing Him manifest through the phone lines to meet the needs of the callers and what an honor and a privilege to be the one rescuing people and bringing them on board.

I am so excited about the freedom that I have been given to be a life line to people from all over the country.

What also is amazing to me I could feel God lifting me up to be able to serve the entire 2 shifts in the call center and that is awesome.  We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.  Amen!

Also at the bank I lead the 2 tellers to Jesus and one of them was soon to have a baby and she allowed me to pray for her and I was so blessed to see how encouraged and receptive both of them were.  One think I know for sure is that people respond to the love of God. -Margarita J

An experience that you can’t even put into words, seeing the baby born, hearing the first cry, when the doctor takes the baby and gives the baby to the mom for that first instant.

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