Lena M. Testimony

The Great Awakening Live meetings are amazing. I am so thankful to get to be part of making history. I am so blessed that God would allow me to be part of his glory filling the earth. Of all the places I could be in the world, I am here, and I’ve been put here by his divine purpose and power to assist Dr. Rodney usher in the move of God that will change this earth forever. I have been blessed both in the meetings and working behind the scenes on the administrative side. The fire of God is first and is driving every part of this ministry and this move of God.

I have been touched with a renewed desire for souls, a passion to serve God, love for people, and peace, knowing when I get to heaven I will be confident knowing I didn’t waste my life, but that I gave it to the King for His use. I have been given a renewed passion to live only for Him and for nothing else. I am so thankful that I have a home in heaven! Praise God forever! Amen. This is real and it’s what the earth has been waiting for.

The earth and the people of the earth are in pain and hurting and they are waiting for the sons of God to be revealed because as the sons are revealed through carrying the power and love of God, their pain will stop because the revealing of the sons of God brings healing, deliverance, salvation, and complete restoration. Never before has such an equipping been released to the believers enabling them to come into what God intended for them so that the whole earth is filled with his glory.-Lena M.

Then the nursing. Have you ever watched a mom feed a child, dress a child, bathe a child? It’s a gift from God.

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