Kelly S. Testimony

This week has been awesome being able to serve great men and women of god. Watching the pastor explode with his vision, being refreshed by the Holy Spirit as I am pressing in and having my eyes open more and more to the vision. Just as I was typing this someone called it was the wrong number, he was a Muslim a asked him if any one ever told you god loves you and as a wonderful plan for your life he said yes than I asked if he was sure he’d go to heaven he said I hope so.

So I led him in to the gospel soul winning script and he said the prayer. He said he was not expecting the call thank you very much. This is what I’m talking about I’ve been over flowing with joy growing in the things of god feels like I’m going to ex-plod. Feels like a big party for Jesus. My daughter has been on the phones praying for people everyone has been pressing in. it’s been a great week.  –Kelly S.

Nausea?” and I was going back and forth and I had the Polaroid and I took all these pictures of the wall and lights and I was losing it under pressure.


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