Jordan H. Testimony

This past week at the Great awakening meetings its been amazing! God is so awesome! People coming all over United States to be in these meetings! People are hungry for the fire of God! One touch from the Master hand your whole life will change!

I want to tell you about this one day, my cousin and I wanted to go to Wal-Mart also known as Soul mart to go soul winning! On the way there we saw these two people walking on the sidewalk and i stop in the parking lot. My cousin ran over to them, and use the soul winning script and one of them got saved. I was sitting in the truck and all of sudden I saw a lady and she had a walker. I got her attention and went threw the Gospel Soul winning script and she got saved! Than i ask her what was wrong with her leg, she said she has pain in her left leg. So I  told her what the Word of God says and how Jesus is our healer! So i prayed and the Lord totally healed her and she got filled with the Holy Ghost! She was walking without the cane and speaking in tongues! Praise God!! She had the biggest smile on her face! God is so good!! Than her husband was in the van and he got saved! He had cancer, so we prayed for him and the Lord touch him. I believe he is healed!

Thank you Lord!

So just on the way to Wal-Mart people were everywhere! Souls were getting saved! We finally get to Wal-Mart and by the end of the day we believed to meet are soul goal and that was 30, we ended up with 36!! Praise God!!

These meetings are a must go! If you come God will touch you with his fire and put a passion in the inside of you for him and for souls! And allow God to use you and be apart of this great awakening in America!! -Jordan H.

Most of us take photographs and while Lisa was giving birth, the doctor was looking at me closer than, “Are you breathing okay, dad? Are you alright?

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