Jeffrey Testimony

The word of God will change your life. Listen to the word of God about sowing and reaping. It teaches us where to sow and where not to sow, there are different grounds to put seed in. Every ground is not good ground. When you learn to put your seed in good ground you can get thirty, sixty, one hundredfold blessing back. Jesus teaches us in Matthew 13 how to sow, and where to sow.  I know since I have learned this principal of sowing and reaping, I have been blessed. I have seen many miracles in seed time and harvest. One testimony is I have sowed fifty dollars and reaped over five hundred dollars. When you sow normal seed you have to water your seed. So when I sowed the cash I wrapped faith around it. My water was the scriptures. Every seed produces after its own kind. When you learn about seed time and harvest, you learn even your words are seeds. Seed will take you all around the world. We should live off of our seed. Whatever out of your mouth you say is where you will be. Also, when you sow negative stuff, you will reap negative stuff. Seed time and harvest has no limits, it has no boundaries. When I learned about the parable of sowing and reaping, it changed my life. I live off of the seed, every time I sow seed God always brings a harvest.

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