Great Awakening Tour City # 22 Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Liliana T Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City # 22 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I was touched by the Holy Spirite and got the fire… I went to share the gaspel on Saturday morning to a Nursery Home, in almost 2 hours 12 people got save accepting the Jesus as their Lord and Sevour, even one of the nurse in the place saw me and she was touched by what it was happening in the room, she asked me if she get a paper to read, since I could not pass any information I asked her if I can pray for her, she said yes, and she had tears on her eyes, and accepted Jesus. one young man was saved too and I think one Jewish too… since the conference my life hasnot being the same, neither my relationship with hte Lord..

I have always wanted let you know of my testimony and want to be at your meeting physically, but i hope one day God will give me that favorite was my first year in this country, and was studying at a college at the west end. A course mate had skin disease chicken pokes and almost all the class got infected by the disease and i was one of does. Mine was very serious and had be away from college for a fourth night. I thought i was going to die because i had never experience any skin disease before and my GP told me there is no medication for it so i should just take pain killers and wait for it go by it self. During the second week, i switch to the God channel and it was my first time of seeing Pastor Rodney ever in life and on television and he was teaching on the Holy Spirit and healing at the west minister chapel and i join to pray for healing but i feel asleep during the program and i got a vision, that orange seeds and oranges were popping out of my back body, when i woke up Pastor Rodney was still preaching, i was sweating and called my mum saying mum, i have been healed, i have been healed i believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit but i never thought i would also be touched this way by them. I told my mum and truly the pokes has popped out plenty at my back and i gain a whole lots of energy in me and didn’t feel sick any more all at the same moment. Please let me know when you are coming to London or any where closer so that i can be at your service to experience Gods power.

Liliana T
Miramar Florida United States

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