Great Awakening Tour City #13 St. Louis, Missouri

Great Awakening Tour City #13 St. Louis, Missouri

I prayed with a young man named Zack. he had been praying all day for someone to tell him about Jesus. Another man told me if he were to die right now that he’d go to hell. we read the script together, he understood it was a gift and he prayed with me and accepted Christ. 13 souls on Monday, 5 souls on Wed., 16 souls On Thursday

Please be patient as you read my letter. Please allow me the opportunity to try and explain who I am and how your ministry has impacted my life with the fire and glory of God for over 10 years. In 2004 the Lord led my husband to buy some property on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. God began to work His plan and purpose for me through this purchase. My son David and I are called to pioneer this land and bring Revival to the Eastern Shore of Virginia located on the Chesapeake Bay (only 75 miles long-peninsula on the Virginia side; 45 miles from Virginia Beach crossing the Bay Bride Tunnel). Your ministry Rodney has greatly touched me and moved me to this most significant time of my life. My first encounter with the Holy Spirit began when the Baptism of Fire hit me in 1976 where I received my call to the Prophetic and ministry of intercession. It is most important that I share the three times you either prayed for me or ministered to me. 1. early 90’s (1995) at the Founders Inn, Virginia Beach, Va. 2. 1998-99 in New Castle, Delaware 3. more recently in 2005 of October at a Ministers Conference at the River Tampa Bay Now we watch you on the God-channel & on your Live Webcast via the internet. I am like a child, set apart for the Master’s service, just an average wife and mother of one now grown 30 year old son. My son David, is a mighty man of God and is called to help me pioneer this land for God’s Glory. My ministry for over 30 years, has always been in prayer in my prayer closet interceding waiting for the vision my Jesus gave to me to finally explode publically on the scene. The Divine calling and now appointment to the Eastern Shore of Virginia has led me to seek a greater intimacy with God and go after the ministry. God told me to write the vision and as a creative type I am currently writing about my experiences.

Chris F.
not known Missouri United States

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