Dawn K. Testimony

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What’s happening to me in regards to soul winning? The question could be asked what has soul winning done to me and for me at the River Bible Inst. this year. When I started here in August, I had witnessed and debated with people before but never had any results that were very positive. I learned how to effectively soul win, have a heart for all the lost, and pray with people for salvation instead, of just taking them to church or praying for them to come to Jesus.

Mine eyes have been totally opened by this experience, very life changing for me. Jake and Lisa have trained me and I do work under them and try to be on team. I am learning to be bold and use my big mouth as Joyce Meyers says which I also have for the Gospel’s sake. Pastor Danny is over all of us and has been a great, awesome instructor! Mr. Troy who works under Pastor Danny has helped me see the power of my prayer language and just by watching him.

I have learned how to pray boldly in the spirit for souls. At first it was very difficult for me physically but it s getting easier, I’m not in the best shape walking and would get out of breath and could not walk up stairs. Still can’t walk upstairs but am doing a good job in the nursing homes and seeing a lot of salvation’s there. I enjoy witnessing in the project areas of Tampa, and see the Lord doing a mighty work in those areas. It really touches me and inspires me to do my best for God when I pray for people and they get saved, or healed or don’t feel pain anymore.

I have grown to really love people with the agape kind of love by participating in soul-winning. I never loved people before and when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit evidence of speaking in other tongues , my 4th week in Bible School, all of a sudden it all made sense, what I was called on this earth to do, win souls, the Great Commission.

Matters of the Heart | Seeley Samantha Testimony

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It is so great to see a church that has taken many actions to pull in people from the community. What went down on Sunday, December 13th was not just a memorable moment for the church, but for the lives that were touched and changed. I was more plugged into the advertising for the event. We hit the streets in Tampa, and wanted to tell all we came in contact with about Jesus Sunday December 13th. Of course, our biggest attention grabber was FREE TOYS! The people were all about that. There were many people that wanted to know what the cost or catch was, and telling them there was no cost or catch they did not know what to think. They were then very receptive to the Gospel, and as we preached people began to repent, asking Jesus into their life. Some were rededications and many received Jesus for the very first time ever. Countenances were immediately changed and it was evident. I’m talking about all ages, from the little children to the older ones as well. Not only were there lives touched in this, mine was as well. There is nothing like leading people to Jesus, seeing them change right before your eyes. People would start asking for us to pray with other people they knew. What was so awesome about all of this, was not only were they praying with us on the streets, they got on the bus, and came to church. They meant it when they said they would be there. What a blessing, and privilege it was to be apart of such a great outreach. Just to be able to see people who were lost, with no hope suddenly feel like what they had been searching for there entire lives was finally found. There is no greater joy than to see people changed and touched by the power of God.

Matters of the Heart Essay | Margarita Jones Testimony

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Being true to yourself is following your heart [the heart of God in you] (Jeremiah 29:13).

Saturate yourself with God, read and meditate on scripture, pray and talk to God. Listen and learn his voice (Psalm 40:6). Daily renew you mind doing those things. Congregate with believers of like faith (2Tim. 2:22). Pay tithes, give of your self and love your neighbor as yourself (Mat.19:19).

Go the extra mile, and love your family out of the love God puts in your heart by knowing him (Rom.5:5).

Be a soul winner (Act.10-36-38; 2Tim 4:2).

Put all fears away, in God there is no fear (2 Tim. 1:7).

Keep busy with what God has given you to do (Luke 2:49). Don’t remain idol, while you wait for God’s perfect will and direction (Act.13:22). Don’t be afraid to embrace God’s will for your life (Rom. 8:28-30). As you remain faithful to God your heart becomes one heart with God’s heart, and your thoughts become one with God (2 Tim.2:22; 1Tim.1:5).

When your loving and blessing others you become more beautiful inside and out. God pours more of his spirit in you as you pour his love to others, blessing, sharing, and loving with a heart that comes from knowing God (Rom. 2:10-11). Think well of others (Phil. 4:8).

Run to the Lord with your mess he will always be right there to touch you and heal you (1Cor. 11:24-25).

Make decisions based on the Word of God (Psalm51:6). Live clean and pure (Psalm 51:2, 7, 10). Take control of your life don’t let someone else control or judge you. Judge yourself according to what God’s Word says. Don’t judge others be merciful as God is merciful and kind, be kind also (Psalm51:1).

Be Holy Spirit controlled (Acts.2:4).

Submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7; 1Thes. 5:22). Mortify the flesh and its lusty desires by saying no to sin.

Keep a humble attitude and put pride and arrogance far away from you (James 4:6; 1Peter 5:5).

Stay sweet by forgiving when necessary. Don’t hold offenses, if you offend some one ask God to forgive you and the person you hurt for forgiveness (Col. 3:13).

Keep a pure heart (Psalm 24: 3-5).

Matters of the Heart

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We had a blast at the Toy giveaway at the River at Tampa Bay Church with Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne! One thing that has caught my attention about this ministry is the heart that they have for reaching others for Jesus¬- even those that speak different languages. The Outreach was focused on Spanish speaking people. Advertising was done, flyers were delivered, posters covered the walls of Hispanic stores and businesses, and the people came! Translation was provided at the Church, with well-able interpreters and people felt comfortable and at home. All the Church worked as a team, with 300+ workers volunteering to see one goal: SOULS. I could see the compassion of Jesus working through the church workers as they served the first time visitors and everybody who came through the doors of the River at Tampa Bay Church. Kids came expecting, and they were certainly not disappointed! For Kids’ church was amazing! With all the new equipment, teachers’ ideas and games! The children LOVE coming to church. People came with a merry heart and expectation and enthusiasm was in the air.

It was amazing to be a part of what this Ministry is doing, for the change in people’s lives is so evident, you can even see it before your very eyes. The event was a bomb! All the workers were in position by the time all the people came out of the service, things were done in order as much as possible, there were people assigned in the parking lot for directing the traffic of people, others were assigned to toys’ distribution and everything went smooth. If people got hungry, hot-dogs and ice-cold drinks were being sold at the property at very affordable prices. The event was awesome, people’s lives were changed, I highly recommend you make the River at Tampa Bay Church your home church!

Matters of the Heart

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The teachings on matters of the heart this past week were amazing. Pastor Adonica gave a solid teaching on some of many issues dealing with the heart. It is ironic, but God was already speaking to me about things taught in these classes even a month ago. The teachings confirmed what I was feeling I needed to deal with. One of the main things that was reinforced to me was the importance of keeping my flesh under control. For me it can be so easy to react to situations in your flesh, whether that means saying hurtful things or taking the path of least resistance. I was so encouraged to press into the Word and learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice. Sometimes it can be difficult to discern whose voice is saying what – am I yielding to my flesh, or is God speaking to me? Pastor Adonica addressed this very situation by saying that what our conscience and the Holy Spirit lead us to do, will always line up with the Word of God. Another thought that struck me was that how I treat others is how I view God! If my heart is impure, then in every circumstance around me I will only notice that which is also impure. It is like that quote from the Disney movie Pollyanna: “If you look for the bad, you will surely find it.” That explains why if I wake up with a grumpy attitude, everything will seem to go wrong that morning. It is so important to keep renewing your mind to the Word of God. If, however, my heart is pure and my mind is in line with the Word of God, then everything I do will flow from that pure heart motive, and I will not even have to worry if am following my conscience or my flesh. A final thing that the Holy Spirit showed me was the necessity of repenting of sin as soon as it is committed instead of waiting and trying to cover it up. Sin only leads to more sin. However, even if we do sin, that does not mean that we keep giving into our flesh because that is our “weak spot”. God showed me that he has given me the power to over come the whims of my flesh. Jesus was 100% man and tempted in every area just as we are. Therefore, if Jesus could conqueror his flesh, I can do the same! Moreover, I have the Holy Spirit living inside of me. Through Christ, I am more than a conqueror. Thank you Jesus!