Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Julie M Testimony

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I was praying w/ a man in the NH-His hand was shaking uncontrollably-immediately when I prayed & commanded healing in his body, his hand stopped shaking!! 2. My Gma & I were praying for pain in a lady’s hand-she said she felt warmth go thru it when my Gma laid her hand on it & all the pain went away. 3. One lady only spoke Spanish but her caregiver was there & translated the salvation prayer. 4. A woman & her daughter flew in from Syria for an operation in July-they were in the short term NH about to fly back to Syria-they both prayed the prayer of salvation and took a picture of us. We told them to take God’s love back to their country. 5. While my Gma led a woman to the Lord I prayed with the staff member- she rededicated her life and began crying. She said she felt God’s love and began to laugh. I reminded her that the joy of the Lord is her strength. As a team my Gma & I led 31 to the Lord and our team led 87 at one NH! HALLELUJAH!!:)

Julie M
Maryland United States

Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Regina S Testimony

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Yesterday I prayed for 3 men in Chinatown & they were saved. Then one of the men resembled my Uncle Chock & I told him so. Today at the Benning Road Metro station I saw my uncle Chock going to pick up his check up near the Metro. I read him the script & he received Jesus. I also prayed for healing of his hernia. My uncle Chock is an alcoholic & I have been praying for him for 15 years. Hallelujah!

Regina S
Maryland United States

Summer Campmeeting | Claudia E Testimony

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I live in London, England and downloaded the soul winning script off the internet and used it to minister to my neighbour and my father who both recommited their lives to Christ. I am requesting permission to introduce the soul winning script in my church as an outreach tool to help mobilise the church for reaching out to souls. God bless you all! Oh we do have one big Thunderstorm. Yesterday my daughter and I watched the webcast, when Pastor Rodney’s wife was filled with the spirit. As she started to laugh we started as well. It was so identical it was amazing. We had such a good laugh and joy! Thank you Jesus! Oh how I want more of the Lord Jesus, AMEN. God bless you and fill you with HIS love. During the broadcast my grinding painful left knee was pain free all of the sudden stopped hurting and I could move and bend it very well. I am very happy and I trust God to loosen the other joints to. I am very happy. Thanks to our living god. Thank you too!

Claudia E
Wake Forest North Carolina United States

Soulwinning Script

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My nephew has been on drugs, in and out of jail and prison for the last 14 years. I have witnessed to him many times with no result of him turning to Jesus. I told my mom 2 weeks ago that I believe it would take a stranger to win him to the Lord. July 3, my mom got a phone call and she handed me the phone, it was my nephew. I was surprised since he has been in jail since October 07. He violated his parole from prison by getting caught with drugs. He plead guilty to that charge last month and he was suppose to serve 2 years. All of a sudden the probation officer did not violate him and he was released July 3. As my nephew talked with me, the Lord told me to read him the soul winning script and he gave his heart to Jesus. On Monday, July 7, he had to see his probation officer in West Virginia and that probation officer did not violate him, my nephew could have went back to prison for 2- 18 years. I just got off the phone with my nephew and he is going for a job interview tomorrow. He had joy in his heart, I could hear it when he laughed. He is very aware that it is God who spared him from going back to prison and he knows that God has given him another chance. Thank you for the soul winning script.

Barbara C
Damascus Maryland United States

Ministers’ Conference

I am laying the ground work in prayer. I am personally witnessing but this is on a one-one basis. I cannot do anything without my Jesus. I am waiting on God to move so I can open up my house for a church-house. I need my husband to walk in agreement. In 2005 when the fire & glory fell here in our home my son and I literally hit the floor, we were on our faces, trembling walking softly in His presence. Rodney we listened to your DVD’s on the anointing. WE were walking in 24/7 prayer/worship. I must speak about what I saw and heard. I must tell you personally about this. We lived for 17 years in Lancaster,Pennslyvania before the Lord supernaturally called me to go and leave that place. I was just an ordinary woman living in my ordinary two-story house when Jesus called me to leave my house and go to the Eastern Shore of Virginia and pray. I stood at the door and wept then I drove to a land about 300 miles from my home. We had a property there but we did not know we would live in it permanently. I began to get on the wall as a watchman. I repented and told God I would obey Him. I was determined that I would not fail or allow any persecution the enemy would send to try and stop me. The Holy Spirit began to move and I wrote frantically the beautiful words God poured into my heart. I wrote for days & months. I felt the power & presence of God. Supernatural things began to happen in my home. I did not know who I could share this with. I thought at one point, I am going to open my eyes and see the Lord. I was so scared. I was like the women at the tomb. I was like those great men of old who fell down as if they were dead when the glory & presence of the Lord came. I was like John on the isle of Patmos. At that time my husband was still living in Lancaster and had not agreed to move here permanently. Then suddenly he was offered a position as a CFO of a major corporation. Rodney if he had taken that job we would never have moved to Virginia. WE would have been set back. The devil was sly tempting him and enticing him. I am telling you that an offer so big came to us. It was something like within three years we would have made a million dollars. My husband wrestled night and day and did not know what to do. I knew deep inside that he was to pass up the offer. It was a hard time for us. We really struggled. My husband had been a slave to his corporation and he has been in business for over 30 years but this would have been the biggest advance or promotion of his life. He was never offered a CFO position before.