Ministers’ Conference

. THE FIRE IS REAL IN YOUR MINSTRY!! The Holy Spirit called me to be a Hannah-a prayerful mother and raise up a Samuel I obeyed that divine calling when he gave me a son in 1977. The Holy Spirit wants me to raise up many Samuels and teach His word to this next generation. Hannah gave birth to Samuel, a mighty prophet of God, and dedicated him to the Lord’s service. God wants to raise up dedicated families to serve as a model. He wants a generation of the upright to pioneer what He calls the Nico Family Legacy. Our family ministry really began on January 1, 1977 at 4:47 pm when our son David Nico was born weighing in at only 7 pounds 7 ounces. God divinely instructed me even before I conceived that I was going to have a son and that I should call him David after King David in the Bible. On the morning of his dedication the Lord spoke a prophetic word through my husband regarding our son: The Lord said, this child like King David of old would slew many giants for God’s honor and glory! Rodney will you contact me and pray with me? I know our ministry will be launched and released soon, but we need your help. WE know that our ministry and vision is unique to our specific family call.

The mantel of the healing/prophetic anointing has fallen on my son as I said earlier. He received the fire of the anointing manifested in his hands for healing at camp meeting in 1997. It was in Tulsa, Oklahoma when Kenneth Hagin prayed and released the anointing. Then years later in your meeting in 2005 David fully surrender to the Lord. My son never liked ministers. I find that interesting for I never pushed him into ministry. He graduated from ORU in 2000 with his B.S.Business-Markeing/Health & Fitness Science; then got his Masters degree in Entrepreneurship/E-Business from Regent University. He has sold out totally to God. He is 100 percent going hard after Jesus now. He was always interested in fitness, nutrition, and health. In 2005 God gave him a vision to see a health, healing first class spa/fitness facility center for leaders on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He has a business background and wants to pioneer and take back what false New Agers have stolen from the Church. WE need the fiancés to begin to move forward. I know the vision for the mission God gave to me will be financed by my son’s business. My vision includes a food bank, ministry for mothers/children, crisis nursery, children’s center, adult literacy program, a home for orphans, and a soup kitchen with a natural smoothie bar & cafe/coffee house for youth so we can reach out the entire family.

Sharon Danner Testimony

rodney howard browne

I would like to say that it is an honor to be apart of what god is doing here in Florida and in the RMI ministry. I helped a lot with the scheduling for the Christmas outreach. I realized that it takes a lot of work to put together something like that event or any event. I realize that every person is so important in the role they play. That the church doesn’t function right without every person helping and serving. Every area that they help is important. And it is so awesome to see so many believers take there position and stand together to help reach the community for Jesus.

Before I moved to Florida I was involved with an Assembly of God church that did a lot of outreach, but the one major key was missing. And that key was sharing the gospel, the good news and allowing the Holy Spirit to move.  When I came to RBI and started going on the street I saw the whole picture come together the way it is suppose to be. The people are not only getting some of there physical needs met but they are getting there spiritual needs met and that’s what they need the most. Jesus is the answer to any situation they may be in.

It is truly a honor and blessing to get to be a part of a ministry that is doing both theses things. To really be the church the way god planed for it to be. To be his hands and feet and let his voice be heard and light shine in the darkness.  We get to see the lives of these people touched and changed on a daily basis, not just in the church but on the street and going door to door. Jesus still saves, heals, delivers and touches people when you let him use you as a vessel. It is so amazing to see the word of god and power of god in operation, by ordinary believers just doing what the word of god says to do. We are leading the way and they follow. They see that the same Jesus, the same Holy Spirit that lives in us, lives in them. And then they go and start witnessing and praying for the sick and become examples and leaders to the people in there area. It is truly an awesome thing to see. It’s the church going outside the four walls.


Sharon D

Summer Campmeeting

Fox Loose in Tennessee Pastor Rodney, Oct 2006 my wife and I were changed forever! We discovered you when GODTV started broadcasting on DirecTV and from that time forward we watched almost all your services live on the internet. BUT as you say our church was lukewarm and wet blankets were continually used on us. One night I had a dream to go to our senior pastor and let him know what was going on in our life. I called him up and told him I wanted to come in and talk with him that I had a praise report. I had to wait days before I could meet with him but on those days before the meeting I would continually have dreams bringing our senior pastor down for the camp meeting and also bus loads of people from our church being loaded up to come down to Chattanooga in October. Well I finally was able to meet with our Pastor and when I walked into his office I had a video playing of him conducting our Easter service on my Zune (like an IPOD). He was excited and said what that? I asked him if he heard of Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne? I went further letting him know what was happening in our life. I then plugged the Zune into his speakers and played the Great Awakening clip which explains what you are doing and some background on where you came from, as he watched I prayed silently in tongues. After that clip I played the Summer Camp Meeting clip and stood back behind as he watched intently and I prayed in tongues. After the clip finished he said Would YOU go with me to the camp meeting I was completely blown away!! GOD is so good! My wife and I prayed that he would bring his wife. Weeks went by and they finally bought the airline tickets to Tampa. I could write pages of what came against us all before we came down. We arrived at RMI for the Sunday evening and stayed through Tuesday night services, that’s all the time our Pastor could get away. This Sunday July 8 2007. Sunday morning services was a little different he seemed recharged but not much of a change. Sunday evening: The FIRE hit our congregation! Pastor Mike was picking out people in the sections and laying hands on them, interesting he started with the associate Pastors, board members and key people in the congregation he then asked each section to come down to have hands laid on them. There were bodies all over the sanctuary! A fox is loose in Tennessee!! Later I found out after talking with an associate Pastor that he told them that they WILL all be going down to Chattanooga in October! Get the buses ready¦ Pastor Rodney I just wanted to give you a testimony and I believe there IS a third Great Awakening happening now! We love you and will continue to pray for you and your staff and looking forward to meeting you in Chattanooga. Our Pastor also was talking about maybe having you all up to our church (we are about 1 ½ away) but I told him that our church only holds about 1100 people and you only go to churches with hold a minimum of 3000. Love in Christ Curt & Marianne C

Great Awakening Tour City #13 St. Louis, Missouri | Chris F Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #13 St. Louis, Missouri

I prayed with a young man named Zack. he had been praying all day for someone to tell him about Jesus. Another man told me if he were to die right now that he’d go to hell. we read the script together, he understood it was a gift and he prayed with me and accepted Christ. 13 souls on Monday, 5 souls on Wed., 16 souls On Thursday

I watched the Camp meeting all week on and it was powerful. I could sense the River rising just as if I was there it was incredible. Dr. Rodney and Adonica as a fellow future minister thank you for not being ashamed of the JOY and the River! There is so much thirst and hunger out there for His presence. I have a question is there any way I can purchase your new worship CD called Pure Worship please contact me and let me know Thanks and may the joy of the Lord be your strength

I went to Summer Camp meeting and was completely saturated by the presence and everything I had been praying for was answered. I needed direction on what to do after high school, during camp meeting God gave me the boldness to tell my family that he told me I was coming to the River School of Worship. On the Saturday of camp meeting I was given the gift of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. I am just so grateful for everything and I just can’t stop thanking God for everything.

Chris F.
not known Missouri United States

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee | Chris J Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee

This week was my first time going out to talk to strangers about Jesus. I was very nervous at first but the first person I talked was not sure she was saved and accepted the Lord. I was shocked that it was so easy to share Christ with others. I was still nervous that day but the next day I went out the Holy Spirit gave me a boldness to reach others.

I had come to The River the next day after I had injured my left shoulder, because I was in a lot of pain, and I got prayed over. The doctor had thought I might have a tear in the rotator cuff. Well- I just paid a visit to Dr. Frankel at the Florida Orthopedic Institute yesterday for the lowdown on the MRI. He said, “Well, I have good news. You don’t have to have surgery.” He also went on to say that he doesn’t need to see me anymore. Instead of a tear, it’s a little fracture in a piece of bone way inside. It’ll take about a year to heal up, he said. God has come through for me, again! He always does what He says He’s going to do. God Bless!!!!!!!!!

We attended your camp meeting last week. It was our first time to be with you there, although we had attended an evening in Florence KY & a weekend in the Pittsburgh area (both years ago 1999-2000). We were touched in a specific, tangible way. When Pastor Rodney called all of Ohio forward for prayer on Tuesday morning I (Bill) was touched in a way that relieved me of all care and concern for the ministry, and all the pain I’d been feeling from the stress of the last 2-3 years and prep for the trip and the fatigue and pain from the trip (itself) by car left my body. The next morning’s meeting also found me impacted by great peace and liberty in the chair during the preaching time. This continued as the week unfolded. The second time I was prayed for by the Native American from Quebec (UN) I also received (regarding government) and as the week went by it became increasingly difficult to distinguish between one move and another, as the Lord peeled the layers off of both of us. Although Nancy did not receive prayer for the specific difficulty in her body as she would have liked, I assured her that God would meet the need and she is improved and believing for more daily. We arrived home hopeful, helped and (again) happy to serve the Lord. Although I had never seriously considered giving up, it had been crossing my mind more and more the last few months. Now it is gone. We are looking forward with expectation to the increase and release of new boldness, special anointing and the establishment of the vision of the Lord for our area and region. Praise be to God!

Chris J.
Chattanooga Tennessee United States