Great Awakening Tour City # 22 Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Liliana T Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City # 22 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I was touched by the Holy Spirite and got the fire… I went to share the gaspel on Saturday morning to a Nursery Home, in almost 2 hours 12 people got save accepting the Jesus as their Lord and Sevour, even one of the nurse in the place saw me and she was touched by what it was happening in the room, she asked me if she get a paper to read, since I could not pass any information I asked her if I can pray for her, she said yes, and she had tears on her eyes, and accepted Jesus. one young man was saved too and I think one Jewish too… since the conference my life hasnot being the same, neither my relationship with hte Lord..

I have always wanted let you know of my testimony and want to be at your meeting physically, but i hope one day God will give me that favorite was my first year in this country, and was studying at a college at the west end. A course mate had skin disease chicken pokes and almost all the class got infected by the disease and i was one of does. Mine was very serious and had be away from college for a fourth night. I thought i was going to die because i had never experience any skin disease before and my GP told me there is no medication for it so i should just take pain killers and wait for it go by it self. During the second week, i switch to the God channel and it was my first time of seeing Pastor Rodney ever in life and on television and he was teaching on the Holy Spirit and healing at the west minister chapel and i join to pray for healing but i feel asleep during the program and i got a vision, that orange seeds and oranges were popping out of my back body, when i woke up Pastor Rodney was still preaching, i was sweating and called my mum saying mum, i have been healed, i have been healed i believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit but i never thought i would also be touched this way by them. I told my mum and truly the pokes has popped out plenty at my back and i gain a whole lots of energy in me and didn’t feel sick any more all at the same moment. Please let me know when you are coming to London or any where closer so that i can be at your service to experience Gods power.

Liliana T
Miramar Florida United States

New Rodney Howard Browne Video and Testimony

Revival in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Dear pastors Rodney & Adonica, My wife and I would like to be web members of your church. We watch online every service, and we are so blessed by your ministry. We found out about you in 1995, when a Canadian pastor brought to Russia (where we used to live) a few video tapes. These tapes were a great instrument in our bible school and also seed in our hearts. Next year we moved to America and visited your meetings in Vancouver, Canada. We have never experienced so much freedom before. This freedom is the reason why we want to be on your campmeetings again and again. Thank you for your teaching, thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to do work in people’s hearts. We can say with full confidence, that your ministry changed our lives. Thank you so much!!! Please consider us as part of The River Church.

Hello, I just want to share how good God is. I was not even planning on going to your Camp meeting. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to go, but I didn’t have enough money. Little did I know that the Lord was going to change all of that? My two friends and I got together and talked about going. The glory just fell on us while we were talking about going to Tampa. We also invited my niece to go with us and she did. Oh my God! the Lord just brought back to life whatever was dead inside of me. Yes, I do go to church, I have visions and dreams, I have the holy laughter. However, something was not right within my spirit. I used to smile and laugh all the time when I was growing up. These past few years I hardly smiled or laughed anymore. The Lord changed all that. On 7/6/07 am at the meeting I smelled pure oil and incense, that was so amazing. We went 7/5/07 evening thru 7/8/07 morning. I purchased Day 6 am and pm CD’s and the pm DVD for day 6th. I play them every day and I still get drunk listening to them. You, Rodney also blessed me with the Pure Worship CD’s and I play them all the time also. I read the bible more and spend more time with the Lord. I can’t seem to get enough of my Lord. I am so excited to know him in a deeper way and to see what He has for me. When I went to my home church I was a lot freer. My Pastor noticed a sweet fragrance all around me. I hope to purchase all your DVD’s for the Summer Camp Meeting 2007 and your IPod in the future when the finances are available. God bless you Rodney and Adonica. P.S. I also purchased your book Seeing Jesus As He Really Is. Your book just opened my eyes, the Lord used you to bring the bible to life for me. I look forward to going to another one of God’s meetings in the future.

Andrey & Marina M
Kent Washington United States

New Great Awakening Video

Revival in Vancouver, BC, Canada

I like to thank God ,up in the GLORY where he lives ,couse he restored me and my vife thru your tv-satelit sendings. I am grateful towards our creator ,how HE use you , Pastor Rodney and Angelica ! It is wonderful to wach you , and may GOD bless you and your ministry MIGTILY , i am sadly a poor man and are in dept here and there , and have not food to eeat .Lost have i our child ,when the childprotection took the child from us …. Pray for our situation , as ve thank him for the situation ! ! ! The devil and satan has tryed somany times couse he NOW THE PURPUS OF GOD TOWARD ME NDMY IFE .He may kilme but not my soul ,or my vifes or childrens soul….. Rodney GOD amy put in your hart to do somthing ,couse i belive that he will do so …But do it only by HIS command! God Bless From Jon and EBERE from the Blessed willage of Nkwerre in Ighbo land ,In Norway.

I had been a member of The River at Tampa Bay for over 10 years, and have served in many different areas but my main ministry of helps was Praise and Worship. All I can say is that my life has been changed radically by this ministry and I am so grateful that I have had the privilege to serve there. When The River first opened I was in a place in my life of severe depression and anger, I had many family problems and a lot of hurts, and was basically suicidal at that time. I remember sitting in the service that Sunday December 1, 1996 just wanting to end my life. As the Word was coming forth I felt just a peace that I can’t explain and from that day on I have never been the same. All I want to say is thank you Pastors Rodney and Adonica for obeying the call.

Jon Ragnar G
Naerbo (No State) Norway

Great Awakening Tour City #13 St. Louis, Missouri

Great Awakening Tour City #13 St. Louis, Missouri

I prayed with a young man named Zack. he had been praying all day for someone to tell him about Jesus. Another man told me if he were to die right now that he’d go to hell. we read the script together, he understood it was a gift and he prayed with me and accepted Christ. 13 souls on Monday, 5 souls on Wed., 16 souls On Thursday

Please be patient as you read my letter. Please allow me the opportunity to try and explain who I am and how your ministry has impacted my life with the fire and glory of God for over 10 years. In 2004 the Lord led my husband to buy some property on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. God began to work His plan and purpose for me through this purchase. My son David and I are called to pioneer this land and bring Revival to the Eastern Shore of Virginia located on the Chesapeake Bay (only 75 miles long-peninsula on the Virginia side; 45 miles from Virginia Beach crossing the Bay Bride Tunnel). Your ministry Rodney has greatly touched me and moved me to this most significant time of my life. My first encounter with the Holy Spirit began when the Baptism of Fire hit me in 1976 where I received my call to the Prophetic and ministry of intercession. It is most important that I share the three times you either prayed for me or ministered to me. 1. early 90’s (1995) at the Founders Inn, Virginia Beach, Va. 2. 1998-99 in New Castle, Delaware 3. more recently in 2005 of October at a Ministers Conference at the River Tampa Bay Now we watch you on the God-channel & on your Live Webcast via the internet. I am like a child, set apart for the Master’s service, just an average wife and mother of one now grown 30 year old son. My son David, is a mighty man of God and is called to help me pioneer this land for God’s Glory. My ministry for over 30 years, has always been in prayer in my prayer closet interceding waiting for the vision my Jesus gave to me to finally explode publically on the scene. The Divine calling and now appointment to the Eastern Shore of Virginia has led me to seek a greater intimacy with God and go after the ministry. God told me to write the vision and as a creative type I am currently writing about my experiences.

Chris F.
not known Missouri United States

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee

This week was my first time going out to talk to strangers about Jesus. I was very nervous at first but the first person I talked was not sure she was saved and accepted the Lord. I was shocked that it was so easy to share Christ with others. I was still nervous that day but the next day I went out the Holy Spirit gave me a boldness to reach others.

I was also once an actress in local theatre; and my degree is in Education where I studied to become an Elementary Ed. Teacher, but have chosen to obey God and preach His Gospel of the Kingdom. More importantly, I am a daughter of the Most High God. I am unknown yet I am known by my Lord & Savior. I am a heavy hitter in the realm of the Spirit, and the fire of His passion is upon me. At times I grow weary in battle and must rest and seek Him further as to what I should do next. I received my call in 1976; and like Mary I was told to “go & tell” and be a faithful witness for my Jesus. I suppose my Catholic upbringing held me back somewhat in those days and I felt I did not what or how I was to go about getting into ministry. I allowed the Holy Spirit to begin to use me and teach me. At the age of 21 years I experienced the gifts of the spirit flowing mightily through me. At that time I was newly married, just a young wife, living in St. Louis, Missouri. The Charismatic outpouring of Spirit had hit the Catholic Church back then. In a chapel at St. Louis University a group of nuns & priest who got Baptized in the Holy Ghost began to hold meetings. I was present at one of those prayer meetings. God’s Spirit fell on me. I was slain in the Spirit. When I got up off the floor and hour later I felt the power of God heavily upon me. I could say nothing for hours except words and was, praise Jesus! My passion for the Lord blossomed and I grew strong in the Spirit. I became a stronger witness for Christ. The power and demonstration of the Spirit was evidenced in my life and ministry. I was drawn by the Spirit to become a student of the Word night and day. At that time I never read a book or heard anything about the Glory, or even the Fire. I just stayed in my prayer closet praying, pressing into His heart, studying His Word to show myself approved a workman rightly dividing the word of truth. I stayed hidden away locked away in love with Jesus. I stayed in that most holy secret place and in what I call the School of the Holy Spirit for many years.

Chris J.
Chattanooga Tennessee United States