Rodney Howard Browne: Revival/church service

The Nations 

A friend loaned me the DVD, I watched the DVD as Dr. Rodney Howard Browne started to prophesy, and he was talking to me! You see I have had a burden to go to the nations, but some how it never happened. I went today and applied for my passport, and in a month I will be going on my first trip to Haiti with the lash brook family, they have been there 14 years. Praise Him! Here is a poem God gave me after prayer one morning, months before I saw the DVD, THE NATIONS ARE CRYING, there is a sound going throughout, even the earth is starting to speak. The nations of the world are saying, come to me I need to be reached. Please, don’t forget about me I’m one of God’s creations, I can learn, and then teach, by, George S. I have had that same deep groaning; now God is doing it! All glory to Jesus! Thank God for your obedience and gift.  George S.